• Living Water International Is Making A Difference And You Can Too

    The CCC is committed to supporting clean drinking water projects across the developing world and our members are eager to support any organizations that share that same desire, as long as they also share our unwavering commitment to the gospel.  This is why the CCC endorsed Living Water International in 2015.  LWI is an incredible and Christ-focused ministry that since 1990 has completed over 18,000 water projects.  To commemorate that endorsement, the CCC has launched a small fundraiser to support the LWI.  You can make a big impact in the lives of many people who have limited or no access to clean drinking water by supporting this noble cause.

    Click here to visit the CCC's fundraising page for Living Water International and please consider donating—anything helps, whether it be $100 or even $5.  A little bit can make a big difference!